We have a number of packing lines and processing plants, we can blend from 25 kilos up to 5 ton batches.

Here is a summary of our equipment:

  • 2 x Gas powered rotary drying plants
  • 2 x Twin screw mixers for liquid dispersion on to granular materials
  • 3 x Semi-automatic powder packing lines set up to pack into open topped heat-sealed poly bags or paper valve sacks
  • 4 x Gravity feed valve packers for poly bags or paper valve sacks
  • 8 x Coating pans for decorative or technical coatings
  • 11 x Silos for raw materials delivered by road tanker
  • Designated packing areas for hand-batch assembly of Marble and Granites for Terrazzo systems
  • Elevator for filling road tankers
  • Fully automated form fill and seal packer with robot stacker capable of stacking on CP1, CP3, Euro and Standard pallets
  • Mixer and packing line specifically set up for pigment powder blending and re-packing to any pack size, starting from 50 grams
  • Liquid decanting station for filling of small bottles for kit assembly
  • Range of blenders and mixers ranging from 100 litres up to 5000 litres
  • Range of sieving plants for de-dusting, re-grading, topping and tailing, having both Rotex and Sweco machines on site