Boud Microspheres

Customised microsphere blends to make products feel, look and perform better.


Boud Microspheres are small spherical thermoplastic particles that consist of a polymer shell encapsulating a gas. When heated, the internal pressure from the gas increases and the thermoplastic shell softens, resulting in a dramatic increase of the volume of the microspheres.

The combination of extremely low density and high resilience of the microspheres provides valuable characteristics in the articles produced. The dry, expanded microspheres with their extremely low density can be difficult to handle.

Every product and process is unique to each customer. Our onsite expansion system offers you the best solution, providing greater flexibility. Boud Minerals can customise Expancel, or other microsphere products, to give Boud Microspheres. These products make handling and work-ability easier in the production process; including custom liquid dispersion, bespoke packaging sizes or custom blending with dry materials.

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