Boud Microspheres

Customised microsphere blends to make products feel, look and perform better.


Boud Microspheres are our pre-wetted Expancel® DET blends for dust-free handling and easier mixing.

As a lightweight filler with unique properties, Boud Microspheres can be used to reduce weight, improve quality and reduce product costs.

The microspheres used in our blends have an average particle size of 40 or 80 microns, with densities of 0.030 g/cm³ or 0.042 g/cm³.

These dust-free ultra-lightweight fillers are typically used in products and processes at ambient, or low, temperatures.

Elastic, flexible and resilient, Boud Microspheres can withstand higher mechanical stresses, during pumping, hard mechanical mixing or spraying, without being destroyed and losing their volume.

Boud Microspheres are for use in formulations that do not contain water.

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