Boud Microspheres our range of lightweight fillers and, the name given to our pre-wetted Expancel® DET Microsphere blends for dust-free handling and easier mixing.

Expancel® DET are dry, expanded microspheres produced by Boud Minerals in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom.

With its extremely low density dry, expanded microspheres can be difficult to handle. Boud Minerals process the microspheres, combining them with a liquid, to offer pre-wetted versions of Expancel® DET.

This means you have a lightweight filler offering all the benefits of Expancel® DET that is completely dust-free, easier to handle and quicker to mix into a formulation.

Boud Microspheres are typically used in products and processes at ambient, or low, temperatures.

Our pre-wetted microspheres are for use in formulations that do not contain water. If required, we can produce other blends.

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