In our Knowledge Base you can find a collection of technical information about the microspheres produced by Boud Minerals, Boud Microspheres and Expancel® DET Microspheres.

There are many different and varied applications for our microspheres, and also a number of ways we can create bespoke solutions to technical challenges.

Our Application Guides take an in depth look at the most popular applications of Boud Microspheres and Expancel® DET. You can find out the advantages of using our microspheres, guidance on working with them and the grades we recommend.

The uses of Expancel are by no means limited to these applications. With the unique properties of our microspheres, you can discover surprising possibilities.

Our Case Studies offer an insight into how our microspheres are used practically, sharing the amazing results of work carried out by our customers, and also tests conducted in our own laboratory.

Detailed technical information about the properties, handling and mixing of Expancel® DET can be found in our Technical Guide.

We’re here to help, so if you have any questions about our microspheres then please do not hesitate to Contact Us.