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Cable Filling Compounds

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Crack Filler

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Cultured Marble

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Fairing Compounds

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Leather Finishing

Leather Finishing

Model Making Board

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Modelling Clay

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Paints & Coatings

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Polyester Putty

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Porous Ceramics

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Lightweight Filler, Unique Properties, Surprising Possibilities.

Modelling Clay up close


Discover the different microsphere products we offer and the benefits of using them in different applications.

Our product and application overviews found here may be particularly helpful if you’re new to the world of Expancel® Microspheres.


Knowledge Base

A collection of technical information about Boud Microspheres and Expancel® DET Microspheres.

An in depth look at applications with our recommendations for grades you can use.

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See the grades of Boud Microspheres and Expancel® DET Microspheres we produce, download safety data sheets and technical data sheets. Details about the other forms of Expancel are shown here too.

You can also order samples online and complete our contact form should you have any questions or need help choosing a grade for your application.