Lightweight Filler, Unique Properties, Surprising Possibilities.

Boud Microspheres are our range of light weight fillers, this includes Expancel® DET Microspheres and Microsphere blends, we produce at Boud Minerals in Lincolnshire, UK.

Expancel are small spherical thermoplastic spheres encapsulating a gas. Add heat and the shell softens, allowing the gas to expand. The result is a dramatic increase in volume. Expancel has dual functionality as both a lightweight filler and a blowing agent. Boud Minerals use this technology to produce Expancel® DET, and our Microsphere blends.

With the unique properties of Boud Microspheres, the possibilities are surprising. When you need to reduce weight, improve quality, create bespoke finishes or, cut manufacturing or transportation costs,  our Microspheres deliver.

Our Microspheres are remarkably different from ceramic or glass microspheres. They are elastic, flexible and resilient. This means they can withstand higher mechanical stresses, during pumping, hard mechanical mixing or spraying, without being destroyed and losing their volume. The extremely low density of our microspheres means they can be added in much lower quantities than ceramic or glass microspheres to give the same volume.

In our Boud Microspheres website you can find out more about the benefits of adding Boud Microspheres to your products, how to use our microspheres, your product and packaging choices, and how we can help you achieve your goals.

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