To ensure your products are produced to the required quality, we have the following testing equipment:

  • Endecotts test sieves for particle analysis
  • Flow test, bump table, for testing powders produced for self-levelling flooring systems
  • Light boxes fitted with D65 daylight bulbs for visual colour control
  • Moisture analyser to ensure moisture content is within specification
  • QUV tester, testing pigmented products in accelerated weathering and lightfastness
  • Spectrophotometer for testing pigments are within the required values
  • Vicat meter used for testing product cure time
  • Viscometer for testing viscosity of liquids

We have extensive experience of providing Silane coated products for applications that require chemical and abrasion resistance as well as improved adhesion promotion and increased tensile strength.

We can also de-dust minerals before introducing a clear binder to serve as a primer coating.

We are always happy to help with research and development projects, new and ongoing.