Stair Treads and Nosings

Slips, trips and falls on stairs are commonly recognised within corporate premises and areas of pedestrian access as a serious potential hazard.

Slips, trips and falls do not always occur as a result of inattention or inappropriate use; sometimes all it takes is a bit of moisture or a dropped item with a smooth surface combined with the right set of footfall circumstances.

We can provide a wide range of natural and highly visible hard minerals with high PSV values, including minerals coated in light emitting coating as well as the standard safety colours, to help organisations and authorities to comply with health and safety best practice.



  • Very Clinical Pigmentation

    The process of colouring quartz, glass, bauxite, granite or other base mineral product is governed by a scientific and analytical methodology which assures that colour concentration and performance criteria is consistently maintained.

  • Consistently Correct Blending

    On the surface, the blending of dry minerals should not be a particularly difficult thing to do. But when a very specific level of performance is anticipated by those undertaking the application, and expected by the customer, the significance of the blending operation is highlighted.

  • Customer Confidence through Assurance Testing

    There’s one way to give customers the confidence in the products that you manufacture; that is to subject the product to a rigorous testing process that assures that performance quality is maintained

  • Speed and Efficiency of Installation

    Projects today need to be completed with maximum speed and efficiency. Which is why we often undertake the pre-blending of minerals in system formulations; where quantities of different products are measured, mixed and packaged to individual project requirement.