Solid Glass Spheres

Solid Glass Spheres   

Solid Glass Spheres colour selection

As well as offering light reflectance in road line markings, Solid Glass Spheres are used for their anti-slip qualities in bathrooms and wet rooms where a less aggressive product is required due to the traffic mainly being bare feet.

Another important use of Solid Glass Spheres is that they act as a physical flow aid in highly viscous resin systems to increase flow and workability.

Silane and other technical coatings can be applied to improve the chemical bond.

The colour coating technology used on crushed glass works equally well on glass beads to give a highly decorative pigment glass bead.

Particle sizes:

0 - 63 microns
53 - 106 microns
75 - 150 microns
150 - 250 microns
106 - 212 microns
180 - 300 microns
250 - 425 microns
425 - 850 microns