Crushed Clear Glass

Crushed Clear Glass   

Crushed Clear Glass colour selection

Crushed glass is used to give a highly decorative finish to external resin bound, internal and external resin bonded and terrazzo flooring systems.

The main advantage is when the surface is ground; the particle is seen giving the perspective of depth.

Including crushed glass into the mix also enables a recycled element to be claimed for the system.

Fine, sub 100 micron, grades of crushed glass are used as general fillers mainly due to their very low oil absorbency which can reduce resin demand. 

Particle Sizes: 

0 - 0.075mm
0.075 - 0.2mm
0.3 - 0.6mm
0.6 - 1.2mm
1.0 - 3.0mm
3.0 - 5.0mm
6.0 - 9.0mm