Expancel® Microspheres

High performance microspheres used as a lightweight filler or blowing agent.


NOTE: Expancel® Microspheres are only available to customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Boud Minerals are one of the world’s most established distributors of Expancel® Microspheres.

In addition to producing Expancel® DET and Microsphere blends, we also offer the other forms of Expancel.

These forms include dry and wet, expanded and unexpanded, and masterbatch specifically for use in thermoplastic applications. Particle sizes range from 20 to 120 microns.

Expancel® Microspheres offer high performance as a lightweight filler and a blowing agent, making it possible to improve product properties and reduce cost.

For dry, expanded microspheres, Expancel® DET is available from stock from Boud Minerals. Expancel DE is available to order, subject to availability and lead times.

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