Boud Minerals are proud to be one of the world’s most established distributors of Expancel® Microspheres.

In addition to producing dry, expanded Expancel® Microspheres and Microsphere blends at our main site in Lincolnshire, providing direct from stock, we also offer the other forms of Expancel® Microspheres.

Expancel DE is available to order, subject to availability and lead times.

There are 7 forms of Expancel® Microspheres:

Expancel DE(T)Dry Expanded MicrospheresLightweight filler 
Expancel WEWet Expanded MicrospheresLightweight filler for waterborne formulations only
Expancel DUDry Unexpanded MicrospheresBlowing agent
Expancel WUWet Unexpanded MicrospheresBlowing agent for waterborne formulations only
Expancel MBMasterbatch with Unexpanded MicrospheresBlowing agent
Expancel SL(U)Unexpanded Microspheres in Aqueous DispersionBlowing agent for waterborne formulations only
Expancel FGDry Unexpanded Microspheres or Masterbatch with Unexpanded MicrospheresBlowing agent, FDA Approved

Expanded Expancel® Microspheres as a lightweight filler will add volume, significantly reducing weight, often with a positive effect on the final product properties. By substituting heavier materials with Expancel expanded microspheres, you can make true quality, lightweight products without sacrificing volume, and in the process saving on raw material costs.

Unexpanded Expancel® Microspheres are excellent blowing agents that expand up to 60 times in volume, giving a highly controlled foaming, resulting in a closed, uniform cell structure. The microspheres deliver many essential benefits, including a fine cellular foam structure, outstanding stability during processing, shorter cycle times and an attractive surface finish. In some applications, this improves resistance against water penetration. In others, it lets you create internal pressure to overcome shrinkage. Expancel® Microspheres, which expand at temperatures ranging from 80°C – 235°C, can be used as your sole blowing agent, or if required, combined with chemical or physical blowing agents. Compared to chemical blowing agents, excellent performance will be achieved using Expancel® Microspheres, where the fine, uniform cells achieve a more controlled result on foamed end products, at low viscosities. No post-expansion or sink-marks means high quality results with aesthetic finishes for your products, with different particle sizes being available for different finishes. Sound damping properties can also be improved.