Expancel® DET Microspheres are an ultra-lightweight filler used to make products feel better, look better and perform better.

Expancel® DET Microspheres are small spherical thermoplastic spheres. The spheres consist of a polymer shell encapsulating a gas. When heated, the shell softens and the internal pressure from the gas increases, resulting in a dramatic increase of the volume of the microspheres. The gas remains inside the spheres. We can liken this process to a microsphere starting as out as a tennis ball and becoming a football.

Boud Minerals use this process to produce Expancel® DET Microspheres, bringing down costs, making production more environmentally friendly and improving product availability. 

Expancel® DET Microspheres are generally used in products and processes at ambient, or low, temperatures.

Boud Minerals produce many different grades of Expancel® DET to offer a large variety in properties, such as, particle sizes, densities, temperature and chemical resistance. 

Expancel® DET is available as a dry powder or as our pre-wetted blends, Boud Microspheres. We can also offer you bespoke blends and a choice of pack sizes.

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