General Questions

Prices are available on request.

With hundreds of products, particle sizes and quantity variations, as well as whether the order will be delivered or supplied ex-works, we just need to be sure we’re sending out the right price for what you need. Please contact us on 01406 351988 or at to discuss your specific requirements.

We have full production facilities and are experienced in the manufacture, and repair kit assembly, of a number of different types of dry blended product and microsphere blends.

If you bring us your formula we can generally make it.

Please contact for product visuals or high resolution images. Kindly note that any images provided by Boud Minerals must bear the statement ‘Credit: Boud Minerals Limited’.

We are pleased to provide samples upon request.

Just let us know the product, particle size and colour if applicable.

And let us know whether you intend to trial the product in a formulation or if you just want to have a look – as this will help us to understand how much to send you.

Lead times will largely depend on whether we have the product in stock or whether it will need to be manufactured.

Many products can be dispatched the next day for delivery the day after (ie order on Monday, dispatch on Tuesday, deliver on Wednesday) while manufactured products may need longer depending on production availability.

We are open for collection from Monday – Friday, 6.00am – 6.00pm.

Please be sure to contact us first though so that we can anticipate your arrival.

The aggregate levy is a tax on the commercial exploitation in the UK of rock, sand and gravel that came into effect 1st April 2002.

The standard rate is £2.00 per tonne; less in incremental loads. More information can be obtained from HMRC.

Pack sizes vary with product and grade. One pack size is the standard minimum order quantity. However, we can supply individual packaging requirements.

Delivery Questions

No problem.

Just be sure that we have the site contact’s name and telephone number as well as the times that the site will be open for deliveries.

We can arrange for the haulier to make a tail lift and pallet truck available.

Just let us know when placing the order so that we can add the request to the delivery manifesto.

The easiest way to save on the cost of delivery is to order more product when you’re able.

Because of the way that hauliers plan their costs, a full pallet order will be less expensive per kg than a partial pallet order.

In real terms, 750kg will be cheaper than 700kg; and 1000kg will be about the same price as 700kg.