Very Clinical Pigmentation


The process of colouring quartz, glass, bauxite, granite or other base mineral product is subjected to our internal process methodology which assures that colour concentration and performance criteria is consistently maintained.

We have spent a number of years perfecting our method of pigmentation to give optimum levels of UV stability, chemical resistance and formulation stability.

The ability to consistently replicate a colour and / or performance formulation is a key consideration in fulfilling any system application that contains a decorative element.

We regularly conduct controlled trials of our pigmentation system to see if we can improve upon the method to best achieve a desired outcome and, sometimes, just to see what will happen if the process are subjected to slightly different environmental conditions.

The care and attention that we put into our pigmentation process is consistent with what our customers need and have come to expect. A greater depth of colour, which gives heightened vibrancy and impact, is able to be achieved through the volume of pigment our systems enable us to use but only after rigid analytical testing has taken place. 

It is our clinical perspective to pigmentation that assures quality assurance and performance integrity is maintained.