Bespoke Mineral Packaging


Mineral suppliers often stipulate the packaging parameters for their products. Without variation. Whether this is helpful to the customer or not. 

We generally provide our mineral products in 25kg polybags on pallets of 1000kg. For many projects this will be fine; just open the bag, integrate it in with the mix and off you go.

But when the system formulation calls for smaller quantities of the mineral product, measured accurately down to units of one-tenth of a kilogram, the process can become much more difficult.  Particularly in less than ideal, outdoor conditions – where there may be wind, rain or cold to affect the measurement.

System formulations are designed to deliver specific performance and functional characteristics. If the initial measurement of the dry materials is not accurate, the system may not perform as intended.

While we quite often dispatch mineral products in the standard packaging sizes, we also regularly custom-pack and hand-batch to bespoke customer requirement:

DKI Quartz in 17.5kg bags and 1.5kg tins, DKI Quartz blends in 4.2kg bags; Brown Aluminium Oxide in 3kg tins; Crushed Glass in 6.25kg bags; bespoke cement mixes in 2kg extra-strong bags; pigmented quartz in 5.0kg, 10.0kg and 12.0kg retail bags; etc,

We also deliver Calcined Flint via our 21,250kg tanker.

Whether on-site or in a production environment, it is encouraging to simply open a container of the mineral material and know that it is the correct and ready to use.

Some companies call that ‘value added’. To us, though, it’s just how we do things.