Mineral Fillers for Resin Systems


There are a number of different kinds of Resin System, each one different in its application and intended performance criteria.

Epoxy was the first of the resin flooring systems and gives a durable, long-lasting and functional resin floor. Many un-pigmented industrial base screeds and self-levelling mixes that do not require temperature tolerance are still produced using epoxy as its base.

With a higher temperature tolerance, polyurethane resin flooring systems are more technical and maintain a degree of flexibility. They are used for thin coating systems and are softer but still very resilient.

Polyurethane has very good UV stability so can be also used for a number of external flooring applications.

From a mineral perspective, there is no distinction between epoxy or polyurethane resin flooring systems. Our products can be blended or produced equally for either.

MMA / Acrylic Resin Flooring systems are used mainly in retail and manufacturing environments where the speed of application and cure is an essential consideration.

As MMA acrylic floors are more of a coating than a screed, the particle size and texture of the minerals tend to be very fine.

Decorative minerals provided for MMA acrylic floors, such as pigmented quartz or coloured flakes, need to be assured as compatible with the system so as to prevent colours from bleeding or carbon from impeding its fast cure properties.

With intricate colour banding and creative designs, highly decorative and long lasting terrazzo resin floors really are beautiful.

Their installation is very challenging, though, and a tremendous amount of care and attention is required at every level to satisfy the system’s functional and aesthetic expectations; right from the outset where the consistently correct blending of marble and mineral fillers in a controlled environment is critical. 

Careful planning for all aspects of the functional and decorative mineral filler – from package sizes to labelling - helps to assure a smooth installation process.