Cast your line


Fishing remains one of the world’s biggest participation sports. 

Whether it is a father and son sitting on a grassy river bank whiling the time away or those who take their fishing a bit more serious – going out to sea in search of the ‘big one’ – basic requirements are for a rod, reel, line and bait.

And this is where we come in; playing an early role in the manufacture of fish bait.

Though the end product is very much bespoke for its intended end-use, the blending process for us is entirely consistent with our core industry work.

For fish bait, we start with a number of food grade products - blood plasma, whey, etc - and incorporate our lightweight filler which will give the end product the required degree of buoyancy.

The formulation is assessed to determine the optimum method of blending, taking into consideration aspects such as the batch size and blending duration so as to achieve the desired result.

The blended mix is packed into the desired size and quantity of packs, which is then re-packed by customer for onward distribution and final production.

The critical elements that we contribute to the manufacturing and blending process of fish bait is our experience in working with lightweight fillers – which ultimately allows the product to flow – and our blending integrity which assures for a homogenous mix.

 Thermoplastic Microspheres - Giving Fish Bait its Lift